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Pediatric innovators showcase highlights inventions

Some great inventions were on view this week at the second annual Boston Children’s Hospital Innovators Showcase. Hosted by the hospital’s Innovation Acceleration Program and Technology & Innovation Development Office, the event featured everything from virtual reality goggles with gesture control to biomedical technologies. Below are a few new projects that caught Vector’s eye (expect...

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What we’ve been reading: Week of April 13, 2015

Can a smart vest help people who are deaf “hear” speech? (The Atlantic) Inventor and neuroscientist David Eagleman has created a vest that transmits spoken words into vibrations in a vest that can be felt and translated- or effectively “heard”- by the wearer. Electrified: Adventures in transcranial direct current stimulation (The New Yorker) Neuroscientists at...

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The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) is to translate the excellence of the laboratory research and clinical care at Boston Children’s Hospital into lifesaving biomedical products, devices and procedures for the public benefit.

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Panel Session: Establishing Academic/Industry Partnerships: May 5, noon-1 pm, CLS 12 Conference Room

Please join us for a presentation and panel discussion with experienced industry and academic experts on the scope of various industry/academic relationships, establishing these relationships, and what makes for a successful partnership.

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Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar and current CEO of Buzzcar, envisions collaboration as the future of the world’s economy. Her concept, Peers Incorporated, brings excess capacity of consumer goods or assets—such as unused time or untapped data—to online platforms and apps where consumers ("peers") provide insights that drive business growth. A growing number of ventures are applying the Peers Inc. model to health care.

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