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So, what’s your digital phenotype?

Ideally, we’re all supposed to see our doctor once a year for a checkup. It’s an opportunity to see how we’re doing from a health perspective, address any concerns or issues that we may have and catch any emerging issues before they become true problems. But those visits are really only one-time, infrequent snapshots of...

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Detecting Ebola within minutes: A treatment and containment game changer

Tests for detecting Ebola in the blood can take anywhere from 12 hours to four days to yield results. But a recent study published in The Lancet reveals a new test can accurately determine results in mere minutes—another step toward potentially controlling the spread of Ebola with point-of-care diagnostics. Nira Pollock, MD, PhD, senior author...

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The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) is to translate the excellence of the laboratory research and clinical care at Boston Children’s Hospital into lifesaving biomedical products, devices and procedures for the public benefit.

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New FAQ on Academic-Industry Partnerships

As part of our “Establishing Academic/Industry Partnerships” panel event held on May 5, TIDO produced an FAQ on academic-industry partnerships that explains the spectrum of relationships, the benefits of working with indsutry and how these relationships develop.

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