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Giving thanks to scientists, innovators, parents and more

It’s been an exciting year for pediatric health care. As Thanksgiving draws near, Vector is taking a pause to acknowledge the inspiring people and ideas that are helping set the table for a better future. What are we thankful for? The growing cadre of citizen scientists — passionate parents pushing for answers for their kids,...

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An iPhone and a bucket help diagnose vestibular problems in dizzy children

Dizziness is fairly common in children, but it can be very hard to diagnose the cause. Any number of conditions can produce dizziness, and children are a special challenge since they often can’t describe what they’re feeling. “One of the toughest things to figure out is, is it a problem with the vestibular system, or...

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The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) is to translate the excellence of the laboratory research and clinical care at Boston Children’s Hospital into lifesaving biomedical products, devices and procedures for the public benefit.

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The new IP Policy allows for researchers to independently generate and complete certain outbound academic MTAs if specific criteria are met. In addition, we have implemented a new form for initiating inbound MTAs. Please click the link above for instructions and to download the forms.

Many of our BCH faculty have raised questions and comments about the New IP Policy that brought to our attention areas of that could benefit from clarification. In response to these questions, we have published a Guidance document, along with a set of FAQs to provide answers to the specific questions we received, as well as offer general guidance. Click the above link to be directed to the new documents.

New FAQ on Academic-Industry Partnerships

As part of our “Establishing Academic/Industry Partnerships” panel event held on May 5, TIDO produced an FAQ on academic-industry partnerships that explains the spectrum of relationships, the benefits of working with indsutry and how these relationships develop.

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